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Sunday, March 16, 2014

How Porn Ended Maria's Marriage

Pornography played a devastating roll in her marriage. Eventually both she and her husband preferred pornography to an intimate relationship with one another.

Three Lies Porn Will Tell You

1. That was the last time.
2. You can stop anytime you want.
3. Confessing your sin will cost you too much"

C.S. Lewis On Porn

"...You can get a large audience together for a strip-tease act—that is, to watch a girl undress on the stage. Now suppose you came to a country where you could fill a theatre by simply bringing a covered plate on to the stage and then slowly lifting the cover so as to let every one see, just before the lights went out, that it contained a mutton chop or a bit of bacon, would you not think that in that country something had gone wrong with the appetite for food? And would not anyone who had grown up in a different world think there was something equally queer about the state of the sex instinct among us?"

- C.S. Lewis

How To Quit Pornography - Infographic

America has a pornography problem and it’s time for us to really take a look and understand the destructive nature of porn. Porn is everywhere in our society and it’s changing the way people understand sex and view women. Even though porn is all around us, there are ways to quit and protect yourself. Here are 7 solutions that have helped others overcome their pornography addiction.

How To Quit Pornography
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Locust Effect - Cheap Ebook Alert!

Kindle is currently offering a great deal on Gary Haugen's book, The Locust Effect. Buy it HERE

Here is a publisher's overview:

While the world has made encouraging strides in the fight against global poverty, there is a hidden crisis silently undermining our best efforts to help the poor. 

It is a plague of everyday violence.

Beneath the surface of the world's poorest communities, common violence -- like rape, forced labor, illegal detention, land theft, police abuse and other brutality -- has become routine and relentless. And like a horde of locusts devouring everything in their path, the unchecked plague of violence ruins lives, blocks the road out of poverty, and undercuts development. 

How has this plague of violence grown so ferocious? The answer is terrifying, and startlingly simple: There's nothing shielding the poor from violent people. In one of the most remarkable -- and unremarked upon -- social disasters of the last half century, basic public justice systems in the developing world have descended into a state of utter collapse. 

Gary A. Haugen and Victor Boutros offer a searing account of how we got here -- and what it will take to end the plague. Filled with vivid real-life stories and startling new data, The Locust Effect is a gripping journey into the streets and slums where fear is a daily reality for billions of the world's poorest ,where safety is secured only for those with money, and where much of our well-intended aid is lost in the daily chaos of violence.

While their call to action is urgent, Haugen and Boutros provide hope, a real solution and an ambitious way forward. The Locust Effect is a wake-up call: Its massive implications will forever change the way we understand global poverty - and will help secure a safe path to prosperity for the global poor in the 21st century.

Buy and read The Locust Effect Today

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Every Second.... - Porn Infographic

$3,075.64 - spent on pornography
28,258 - internet viewers are viewing pornography
372 - internet users are typing adult search terms

Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is made in the United States

In Plain Sight - Video Trailer

IN PLAIN SIGHT is a three-part campaign (in association with Abolition International) to help stop sex trafficking in the United States. The campaign includes an eye-opening documentary, inspiring music album, and an engaging 31 day devotional / small group study guide.

Student's Dangerous Online Activity - Infographic

65% of high school students admit to unsafe, inappropriate, or illegal activities online. Also 38% of high school students admit to sometimes hiding their online activities from their parents.

5 Stages Of Addiction

This infographic highlights the 5 Stages of Addiction - Early Exposure, Addiction, Escalation, Desensitization, Acting out Sexually

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

4 Ways Porn Kills Great Sex In Marriage

excerpted from Covenant Eyes

Killer No. 1: Porn Hijacks Your Focus
The producers of porn and portions of pop culture tout that pornography leads to more fun, more pleasure, exciting new moves, and mind-blowing orgasms. Instead, porn’s path is disappointing at best and debilitating at worst.

“Pornographers promise healthy pleasure and relief from sexual tension, but what they often deliver is an addiction, tolerance, and an eventual decrease in pleasure. Paradoxically, the male patients I worked with often craved pornography but didn’t like it,” writes Dr. Norman Doidge in The Brain That Changes Itself.

Great sex means a husband and wife focus on each other. The Bible describes it as “one flesh.”

But porn teaches the brain to focus on multiple images, body types, partners and scenarios. The focus on one’s spouse is lost, and repeated use of pornography takes precedence. A habit or an addiction to porn is an obvious killer to marital and sexual oneness, because true focus is singular not plural.

Killer No. 2: Porn Creates Neural Pathways for More Porn
Doidge explains that “human beings exhibit an extraordinary degree of sexual plasticity compared with other creatures.” By “plasticity” he means that our brains and our sexuality are molded by our experiences, interactions, and other means of learning, which is why people vary in what they say is attractive or what turns them on. The brain actually creates neural pathways that label a specific type of person or activity as arousing.

Neurologists repeat a mantra: Neurons that fire together wire together. Simply put, repeating an activity makes it easier to do. But it also means that the human brain learns to associate specific activities with neurological rewards.

Unlike many other activities, porn and masturbation release such a firestorm of neurochemical and hormonal rewards that the brain can map out neural pathways for porn use quickly. That’s why porn use is so addictive.

Using porn to spice up marital sex is self-defeating. Instead of being more attracted to and engaged with one’s spouse, the porn user will actually become more engrossed with porn. Your Brain on Porn reviews a study showing that when men and women were exposed to porn, they were less likely to be pleased with their partner’s physical appearance, affection, and sexual performance. The researchers concluded that porn consumers eventually compare their spouse with images of porn models.

Another study appearing in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy in 2002 found similar results. When men and women were exposed to pictures of female centerfold models from Playboy and Penthouse, this significantly lowered their judgments about the attractiveness of “average” people.

Killer No. 3: Porn Creates a Neurochemical Imbalance
Brain chemistry plays a major role in creating neural pathways that establish patterns of behavior and triggers that spark a person to engage in specific behavior. Porn, sex, and masturbation release considerably more neural chemicals than most other activities.

Killer No. 4: Porn Gets People Stuck in a Rut
Because porn provides a state of arousal, the brain also creates pathways that make initial arousal easier. Suddenly, porn and sex with a partner aren’t the only experiences that are arousing. As the porn pathways deepen, people in everyday life become objects of sexualized fantasy, and inanimate objects, clothing, and situations not designed for sex become sexually charged.

From Porn To Purpose

A confused girl from a split home decides to fill the emotional void with boyfriends. Crissy's life spiraled into depression and eventually into the porn industry. Crissy, desperate for change, turned to God for help. Now delivered from the sex industry, Crissy has a peace in the love that only God offers.

From Porn to Purpose: One Woman's Story. from Carrie Matsko on Vimeo.